About Us

What’s goodie? My name is Shirley. I’m a Louisiana native. Who dat, baby! I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, reading, writing, exploring nature, working out, poetry, and cooking. Let me just get straight to it on how I fell in love with herbalism and natural approaches. I have a sister who is into natural products, herbs, and the alkaline lifestyle. I loved all the knowledge and wisdom she imparted to me. She encouraged me to look into natural ways to heal the mind and body. I found myself venturing into herbalism more and more. It felt so natural to me when it came to learning about the herbs and their uses. I began studying more about the herbs and discovered a world of wisdom. The next thing I know I was making specialty tea blends. I love me some tea every now and again. I had family and friends calling me for some recommendations and herbs. I decided to make it a continual part of my lifestyle and in hopes of making it a part of yours. I’ve been truly blessed to take care of my family and self with the different uses of herbs. All in all, I wanted people to experience the amazing world of herbs that can keep us healthy. In such times like these there’s no better way than to let nature heal us. After all nature is Yah’s gift to us. Shalom!